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Balancing Spiritual Life

One of the most challenging dynamics on the spiritual path is the balance between gevurah and chesed. Gevurah is boundaries and severity. Chesed is loving kindness and mercy. The balance between these left and right poles is tiferet, meaning beauty. Beauty is the balance between severity and mercy.


This struggle to find balance between these points is something everyone experiences within themselves. Most of us constantly are asking, “How far do I go?”; “Where do I draw the line?”; “Where should I let up a bit and be gentler with myself and others?”

Portals to Liberation - Enlightenment Teachings

The essence of Shabbat is the non-dual awareness of who we're not. This talk is about portals to that. So we are going to start with the paradoxical path between the nothing and the something and how important it is to hold both of those. The wild walk between b'lima and ma.


The first question is, "portals to what?" And one of the hardest things in this whole discussion is the discussion itself. So when I say non-dual reality, we have many levels to that. People tend to say "I'm above it all" and only refer to the absolute "it's all one" level of reality. There's nothing happening. There's nothing going on...

The initiatory prophetic mantra (according to the Kabbalistic literature) was and still is the Tetragrammaton in the form of Yod Hey Wah Hey, YHWH (That Which Was, Is, and Will Forever Be).


The meaning and relevance of the Tetragrammaton provide a general template for creating world peace. The God Code articulates specifically how God’s name (YHWH) reverberates in the DNA of all life.






Full 21-Page Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Report​

Could the Flu Vaccine failure and immune suppression in protecting against respiratory infection be a warning about the possible dangers of a Covid-19 vaccine?

The Science of Face Masks

There is a lot of controversy today about the wearing of face masks. This is an appropriate time to document what the research shows. I’ll begin with a study review of 14 studies published by the CDC.

Covid-19 Prevention Protocol

Even though some are saying, "No problem - It's a minor threat", it is a major mistake not to take the proper personal and social hygiene and anti-viral nutritional protocol precautions and start the immune system building protocol as outlined in my Coronavirus Protection Protocol.