If you've ever longed for knowing the experience of liberating your consciousness from identifying with your mind and body and letting it float in the primordial state of "non-causal" peace, bliss, love, wonder and oneness, then follow the trail that Dr. Gabriel Cousens has blazed for you.

This intrepid "spiritual warrior" has forged a path to the Holistic Liberation Way, through years of courageous, fearless and intensive spiritual intention and meditation. His astonishing new book Into the Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography, reveals the mystical wild ride he personally took to becoming liberated, surrendering to "the Divine Urge" to fully merge into the state of God-consciousness and awaken to living from the soul that is beyond the body and the mind.

Today, this 77-year-old world renowned holistic physician, rabbi, yogi, spiritual mystic, psychiatrist, family therapist, vital-@-any-age advocate, humanitarian and peace ambassador, walks the planet in the state of Eternal Presence seeing the emanating light from all things, and yet living in the very real world where his good works and spiritual guidance change lives daily. He lives, as he says, in the world between Nothing (the world beyond time) and Something (the temporal world)-and experiences a fully integrated life in multiple dimensions-happy, joyful, grateful, loving and peaceful without any exterior reason (non-causal) because that is the nature of the primordial consciousness. There is found the true freedom.

How Cousens got there is what makes this fascinating book such an adventure!

Beginning with his dawning awareness of spiritual empowerment on the football field as a College Football Hall of Famer and captain on the undefeated 1964 Amherst College Team, he progressed to experiencing the holistic nature of mind and body through his highly successful psychiatry, family therapy and holistic medicine practices. 

Drawn like a magnet by an inner urging to explore consciousness -- to "know God" --he began a deep dive into the Yogic Way of Life, including seven years immersed in an India ashram under the tutelage of Swami Muktananda Paramahansa and then Swami Prakashandda Saraswati. It was there, amidst six hours a day of meditating; mystical visions; traditional Vedic teachings; and, most importantly, a world-altering "Shaktipat" energy transference from his guru -- that he broke through to freeing his consciousness to dissolve into the Nothing, leading to acknowledgement by his two spiritual masters that he was "liberated." And to begin the dance of returning whenever he wanted, ultimately to live from that state permanently, and simply follow in every moment, the direction that the divine pointed him toward. 

On the last day of a 40-day fast, Dr. Cousens was guided to "return to his roots," and that led him to understand the Torah was another path to liberation. And most specifically, the Kabbalistic and Essene teachings that are the most mystical aspects of Judaism. Becoming a rabbi after 12 years of study, he experienced liberation though this path of teaching as well. 

And then his path took him toward the Native American tradition, where he braved the extreme spiritual trials of initiation to becoming a 4-year Native American Sun Dancer and Eagle Dancer and an 11-year Spirit Dancer. Ultimately adopted by the Lakota Sioux Horn Chip Clan, and appointed head of the Yellow Horse Clan, he found the bliss of this path to ultimate consciousness as well.

But Into the Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography is way more than an absorbing personal journey of awakening, highlighted by an extraordinary rich revelation of miracles and mystical adventures.

  1. It provides profound teachings for the seeker highlighted on nearly each page.
  2. It shares insights on sacred relationships as a path of liberation. 
  3. It offers his experience as an example of blending family with the path to enlightenment. 
  4. It chronicles Cousens' impact as a scientist, pioneer and international bestselling author on curing diabetes naturally, and his humanitarian work doing so in 42 countries through his Tree of Life Foundation
  5. It speaks to Cousens' global leadership in the vegan, live-food diet movement and international bestselling book on 'Spiritual Nutrition."
  6. It reinforces his recognized authority as a guide to the authentic Kundalini awakening and recounts Dr.Cousens' ongoing energetic empowerment from his spiritual teachers to give "shaktipat" to those on the path to liberation.
  7. It declares his intent and commitment to globalize his Holistic Liberation Way mission to lead people out of the suffering and drama of today, toward a path of infinite peace, joy and surrender to the will of the Divine. 
  8. It introduces Cousens' Six Foundations and Sevenfold-Peace as a natural way of living that leads to Holistic Liberation.
  9. It proposes that fear of death-- or of anything else -- is removed when one lives from the recognition and awareness that consciousness doesn't end. 
  10. It is dotted with Cousens' lyrical, soaring poetry with love of the Divine. 
  11. It demonstrates that with increasing chronological age, one can get physically stronger, more flexible and have increased physical and mental endurance, and, at 77, one can do 1,000 push-ups a day and have the body of a 30 year old.

Gabriel Cousens is an extraordinary man, who has taken many paths to the same cosmic truth. He has given devoted service to the Divine, as well as his fellow man and woman, along the way earning the title "Physician of the Soul." He has packed 10 lives and world class achievements into just one, and says, "This has all been part of an ongoing spiritual evolution that undoubtedly will continue at least as long as I am my body." And maybe beyond!