"We live in a self-induced trance, in which we believe we are our stories of the past-present- future. Zero Point awakens us from our trance."

- Rabbi Gabriel Cousens M.D.

Zero Point is a powerful online intensive led by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D., a family therapist and acknowledged spiritual teacher. Dr. Cousens teaches a series of techniques that identify and release inhibiting mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. These techniques are particularly applicable to limiting or damaging core beliefs and addictions. 


Dr. Cousens’ approach works rapidly to get directly to the energetic origin of an issue, rather than treating on the surface level of intellectual understanding or awareness without truly dissolving the blockage.


Dr. Cousens teaches that our essential nature is inherently free in all ways. What obscures this freedom is the fact that most of us live in a self-induced trance, identified with the stories of our past, future, and present. In the evolution of consciousness, the realization of one’s deepest nature of freedom is just the beginning of the awakening process. 


Dr. Cousens teaches that our personality (ego) is a case of mistaken identity. In self-realization, we do not dissolve the ego, but learn to use it as a tool in the world. To feel true inner peace, freedom, joy, and love, we must confront and transmute our out-modeled patterns of operation that obstruct and inhibit the path to liberation. 


The goal of Zero Point is to teach us how to thrive spiritually, living from the vibrantly alive and free core of our unique souls. Zero Point helps participants to connect with their individual divine blueprint, to live empowered and to embrace life without fear, hesitation, or resistance.


1. Self-limiting beliefs and thoughts

2. Emotional and mental blocks

3. Unhealthy habits and addictions

4. Damaging conscious & subconscious behavioral patterns

5. Co-dependent and unhealthy relationship patterns

6. Generational patterns, issues, and core beliefs within your family

7. Obsessive-compulsive disorders

8. Anything that is keeping you from being free

We are born originals, but most die copies. Zero Point gives the opportunity to become an original again. It helps one become free to find and follow one’s soul design.

- Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.



    You will receive the official Zero Point Process as developed by Dr. Cousens. This process is a self-empowerment tool for you to use ongoing throughout your life.


    Heal the parts of yourself that you consciously or unconsciously do not want to acknowledge or want others to notice.


    Uncover and heal generational patterns within your family lineage. When you activate healing within yourself, it heals all.


    You will have the opportunity to look at the concepts and limiting beliefs you currently are holding on to that are keeping you from being truly free.


    Create a body image consistent with harmony of health and spiritual development, rather than ego desire.


    Activate your liberation lifestyle with this powerful tool for removing ALL limiting beliefs, concepts, and identities.


The workshop’s schedule is listed in ISRAEL time zone (UTC +2). If you are unable to watch live, the recording of each session will be available within 1 hour after the live broadcast finishes. Please note, this is a sample schedule only! It is meant to provide you with a rough idea of the time of day the intensive takes place. Actual schedule will be made available to participants upon enrollment.

LANGUAGES: The program will take place in English. We do not offer translation at this time.


Program Value: $999.99
Your Price: $499.99 

Early Bird: $449.99